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About Us

Community run grass roots engagement project to raise awareness and improve neighbourhood area in North Norwich

The vision of the Pockthorpe Community Group

To have and live in an area that is:

  • Clean, tidy, where littering has been progressively discouraged
  • Child friendly. Where the community feels comfortable to dwell and not just ‘rush through’
  • Free of antisocial behaviour
  • Where local people can peacefully enjoy views out over Norwich, a beauty spot from high up
  • An improvement to nature, the habitats, teaching the community to nurture their natural environment

A group of NR3 residents trying to make a difference to the local area. 

This area has been historically called Pockthorpe and felt that this area of NR3 in Norwich needed a ‘new’ identification.   The area covers Sewell ward and part of Crome Ward for NCC. From Barrack St to Sprowston Road.

Contact us on the contact form or look on FB for events.

If you have an awesome idea for our little area of NR3 in Norwich get in touch and we’ll see if we can help make it happen. 

Taking pride in our community.