Mousehold street

Adopted flowerbeds

Due to Government funding cuts Highways don’t manage all of our flowerbeds now. Anyone from the community can request to care for them. We can help put you in contact with the right person at Norwich City Council.

Kett's cave

As a community, we are teaming up with Matt Davies from the Fringe Project to remove the historic dangerous fences, build new steps and create a green corridor for our currently boxed in nature.

We envision starting work on this project late Autumn 2021.  

Pockthorpe Garden

With help from Norwich City Council we are proposing a community garden similar to Grape’s Hill and Old library Woods. Our vision is a community garden for education and relaxation. Somewhere for the whole community to enjoy. It’s currently Housing land. It’s going to be a long journey, but we are very excited!

The proposed site is at 44 and 46 Morley Street, Norwich NR3 1ND

Victorian Road Signs

We recently found out that sadly Norwich City Council doesn’t restore our historic road signs. If you report one using their online form they just put up a plastic new road sign near it! Leaving the metal road sign to eventually rust and fall to the ground.

To learn more or get involved read this blog post- Restoring our metal Road signs.