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What We Do

Community run project

Community run grass roots engagement project to raise awareness and improve neighbourhood area in North Norwich


Who to report to

Report fly-tipping

The Norwich City Council will collect any tip-tipping. Please report directly on their website and fill in the online form. 

Borrow large amount of litter pickers

Lumi has been set up by Norwich City Council. They will help enable you to arrange your own litter picks.

Report issues with street bins

Report all street bins issues on the NCC website. As a group we have been reporting overflowing bins and ones that are missing.

Get telephone boxes cleaned

To report a fault or damage to a BT Payphone please email us the telephone number and location of the faulty phonebox, together with the nature of the fault and your contact details. Send your email to:

Report highways problems

To report issues with our roads, benches, street signs use the link on County Council‘s website.

Report graffiti and tagging

Report tagging on the NCC website. As a community we are aiming to create more public spaces for art projects.

Please see the below popular topics you may be interested in.

• How to report a pothole
• Street lighting
• Traffic lights
• Road signs and markings
• Trees hedges and verges
• Bridges
• Pavements
• Road cleaning
• Floods
• What we maintain and when

Report unsafe, damaged or vandalised Open reach equipment.

Use the online chat on Open reach’s website to report damaged or vandalised green cabinets or unattended cabinets with open doors. Provide them with the what3words location. 

For virgin media use this form on their website. Also, you can email them at . Any cabinets with the code starting NAC is virgin media. 

Street cabinet has been cleaned up after reporting.

Report unsafe, damaged or vandalised substation issue

If you spot an issue with a substation please report it to them so it can fix it. 

Report blocked drain

Before and after reporting to council

bt open reach box