Results from the community consult- 2021

Planning the event & who we invited

We got 500 flyers printed by Minuteman Press in Norwich, these were posted through homes around the two parks; Sandy park and Kett’s cave. The streets we targeted were Gertrude road, Balfour, Anchor Street, Silver Road, Mousehold Ave, Romany Road, Crome Road area. We shared the event on social media platforms – Facebook, Twitter and Nextdoor app. It was also on the website’s blog. We emailed the two schools, Mousehold & George White, who included it in their newsletter. The local church and Scout group were told. The local councilors were informed who are active in the project and Norwich City Council…. feeling happy that we did the best we could to make sure it was widely advertised!!

The flyers!

Why have the event?

Working closely with Norwich City Council we wanted to include the wider community in our vision for our neglected parks, Kett’s Cave and Sandy Park. These two parks don’t have a ‘friend’s of’ group and with Council cuts to green spaces they are in a poor state. The Council does maintain the middle part of the park but they haven’t touched the green spaces around the parks in years and years. Our vision has mostly been nature & safety but quite happy to help enable, power and encourage community events by residents etc. We aren’t planning anything outrageous or changing the purpose of the park. It’s a lovely haven for nature, just needs a bloody good tidy-up mostly!

How the day went

The day went fantastic! We created an online survey the day before as it felt like the best and most efficient way to collect comments. Also, a great way to give people a little reminder of the event. Over 100 local residents filled in the survey sharing their thoughts on the project. I would guess at 50 people came along and chatted to us on the day. 

The day itself consisted of a litter pick at Kett’s cave, where we got the last mattress out of the hedge, created two more hedgehog highways under the wire fences and made some of the trampled down wire fences more visible to the general public and animals. I worry that a dog will run into the undergrowth and get their paw trapped. The afternoon was cake and chatting at the Scout hut on Mousehold Avenue, which overlooks the attolments and Kett’s cave park. I never get tired of our amazing view over Norwich from here. 

Litter pick gang!
The last matress (I hope) at Kett’s cave.
So many of those really old broken wire fences hidden in the undergrowth.
All piled up nicely for Norwich City Council
Our lovely Scout hut.
Community ideas
More planning!
Lots of consulting.


Here are the results from the online survey. We also printed some questionnaires out for people to fill in on the day. These were added by Pockthorpe members to the digital format.

What projects do you feel are most important to start first and why? 76 responses.

Removing broken old fencing for safety and improving the look of the area

Clearing overgrown areas

Anything to do with safety and making people feel safe

Removal of dangerous fence .

Clearing the area and maintaining. Cleaning up and encouraging locals to keep it clean and not use as a dumping ground for their old rubbish

Care for the parks

I feel making the park safe is the most important thing to start with. So removing those broken wire fences. They are extremely dangerous hidden in the under growth. The park is regularly used by dog walkers and children that run in and out of those areas. Like decorating a house. Start with the prep work first and then add the finishing touches.

Events – the better it’s used more people will care. Removing rusty fences so it’s safe to do so.

getting rid of old fences

Orchard for the blossom and fruit

Getting rid of broken fences and litter picking to make area safe first

Getting rid of dangerous broken fences and planting wildflowers and fruit tree to help increase biodiversity

Removing wire fencing

Removing fencing – start by removing and clearing them a blank canvas for adding new things in or restoring the orchard

Clearing the parks to make it safer for children to play


Removing unnecessary fences to open the area up to wildlife

Litter-picking because there is too much litter, and removing the broken fences because they are dangerous

General clear ups due to needles and broken glass etc being hazardous

Litter picking and repairs

Broken fences, and litter picking – both potentially dangerous (sharps etc).

Morley Street community garden

removing old dangerous fencing to prevent accidents and make it safer for children

Removing fences

Removing the old broken fences

Broken fences

Removing wire fencing.

I think the health and wildlife projects may have the biggest impact. Also, I guess planting projects are important to start earlier..?

Community garden as there is a chronic shortage of allotments in this area. Litter picking to create a more pleasant environment. Picnic benches etc are for everyone to use. Restoration of the old orchard would be another opportunity to build a community garden, lots of people living in flats locally.

Removal of broken fences and litter picking .if the parks look more cared for more people will use them .

Removing dangerous rubbish and fences

Community garden. Great to have fresh herbs and and veggie around available for others.

Defibrillator at Hub on Mousehold Avenue

Defib. It can save a life.

Removing the wire fences, community garden on Morley Street and open up the fruit orchard in Kett’s Cave. Because the more the area is opened up and being cleaned, we feel more comfortable to use the park.

No opinion: depends on funding

Removing anything dangerous such as broken fences. Defibrillator would be great too.


Broken wire fences

Fences and steps for the safety of everyone especially the children

Improving the wildlife of the area and making it a to play.

Taking down rusty, broken wire fencing. It’s so dangerous

Picnic benches, benches, projects for children

Adult exercise equipment would be a great asset to the park and would encourage exercise and wellbeing in the area

Clear fences, opening up the wildlife corridor. Then the real work can begin.

First of all the fences need sorting and the parks made safe and clear for future projects

Make the parks safe/clean for children to use.

Removing old wire fences

Reall hope the community garden and wild flower meadow can happen. As soon as possible!

Òpening out sandy hills area

I think all the projects are equally important. Events for children are one of my personal choices as te children are are next generation and the input they have now will shape the future for all. Updating events is important for communication in the community and peoples mental health. Defibrillator is priority, as its a matter of life or death. Removing broken wire fences should be done immediately, as this is a danger to wildlife, pets, children etc.

Removal of broken wire fence

Litter picking for a clean park

I have not been to some of the places and have not been able to get out for a while, so am not qualified to choose from this wonderful list, all important. Sadly cannot get involved until feeling stronger.

Making the area safe and welcoming

Probably removal of wire fences for safety reasons

Tidying and making the space safe so removing the fencing, litter picking and steps

Removing of old wire fencing. It’s dangerous. Defibrillator at the hub could save lives

Comunity events to get the comunity together to make a

Community garden and adult exercise

Community garden/planting

Improve the the Morley street land

Removing broken fences and litter picking so at least make it tidier. The old orchard would be lovely to see restored.

Projects to help the lonely and improve mental health

Wire fences

Removing the broken wire, as it is dangerous

Community events eg picniks etc

Making the park safer by removing the rusty fences

All of the above! Every project focuses on every member of the community and everyone has to feel and be included to become a community.

Litterpicking in the area as people are dumping rubbish and the area looks unkempt and improving the steps at sandy park

A community garden would be a opportunity for the community to come together and build something.

– Community events for children to build a sense of community/ connections to the area.

– Up to date website to maintain interest.

– Wildflower meadow- beauty/ environment.

– Removing broken wire fences.

Removal of old fences, allowing greater access and effectively expanding the park, and a wildflower meadow would be fantastic

Litter picking, clearing out rubbish and clearing out old shrubs

I’d say an up to date website so people know how to get involved is a priority. Otherwise I think its important to start with activities that benefit nature and strengthen the sense of community like community gardens, urban nature events for children, fruit orchard, wildflower meadow, better access to parks etc. This will create a sense of ownership and care for the area + environment making the project easier to uphold and sustain benefits.

Fence put up over 30 years ago as there are caves all over Fence put up to protect children

What projects would you like to get involved in? 57 responses

Litter picking and fence removal


Happy to help in any projects

I can do a few things but would be depending on time or location xx

Removal fences. Community garden

I have a disability that restricts me

I am happy to help with litter picking, removing fences, building steps with the Fringe Project. Anything that improves the area for the community and wildlife.




as many as I’m available to help with

Fences litterpicking and improving access for wildlife. Also improving the area making little touches around sandy park and reducing anti social behaviour. More things caterinh for a wider range of people.

Not sure, depends on commitment wanted as I am carer for my mum and husband.

Making tea!


I may have availability for the odd day or event.

Setting up community garden and orchard, litter picking. I have had allotments in the past, know a bit about gardening.


When we can that would be nice for litter picking or herbs garden.

Litter picking

Litter picking and gardening.

Events (I’m a storyteller & historian)

Any I have time for.

Only said no due to full time work & study commitments & not living directly in area now

Litter picking, advertising

Litter picking, community garden, kids activities

Conservation type projects

All when I can

As many as possible


Things which can be done sporadically as I’m busy and time is limited – in good at events organising so community days would be good

Community garden litter picking

Community garden and wild flowers 🙂

Keen to èncourage a community feel

Litter picking,garden type tasks,kids crafts

Litter picking

see above I do litter pick whenever I can and would be happy doing that when stronger, and community tea making

Happy to help with anything

Litter picking or events that encorage children to care for their environment

As many as I can

Anything I am able to attend



Anything apart from digging and lifting heavy things

Any project

Very busy at present with work and family, but would consider anything in the future.

Litter picking, gardening (but not the heavy stuff)

community socialising

Litter picking, more outside physical stuff.

I have completed some litter picking so could do that or anything away from 8vtil 5 daily as I work full time office hours

Supporting community events

Events for children- I work in a complex needs school- happy to help out with anything but I am currently but I’m currently teaching music and mindfulness so if this is any use…

Litter picking, sawing, drilling, hammering…whatever !

Litter picking. Willing to help with most projects

All nature related, can also help with website/ marketing + anything child friendly.

Any overall feedback on our project? 55 responses

I’m very happy to see that other people care about improving the area we live in and are doing something to achieve these goals.

Doing well

Appreciate all these guys are doing to improve our area. I help when I can

People should support & engage with this, unfortunately my age prevents my involvement.

I think it’s great that local people really care about the area they live.

I use the park with my daughter & her friends. It’s really depressing to see the hedges full of fly-tipping and needles.

I would like to see more sport/ play equipment for older kids. Maybe we could have tennis table and a slackline!

All good things!

Amazing project which can make such a difference to the area

Great to see people caring about the area we live

My cared for score is based on the groups work mainly! With litter picking etc


It’s fantastic

I think it’s a great idea that will bring the community together

I think you guys have done amazing things

amazing effort tha can hopefully result in restoring our parks

I think it’s amazing – well done on everything you have done so far.

We need to actually start.

Everyone seems to be doing a great job!

Only thing I thought is… the wild / unmanaged areas of trees & undergrowth around here are, presumably, excellent places for wildlife. Although I really understand the urge to clear them of some of the growth / tidy them etc, I think they are probably really rare habitats in cities and some of it should be retained.

Also, with projects like this, those areas could easily take all of the time and resources. Concentrating on more accessible areas could have more impact.

I moved into the area this year and have been really pleased to find this group. I have grandchildren who live locally and attend local schools and nursery. I’d like to help improve the environment for their future

Lovely community spirit

Love it

Haven’t been long enough to comment

Thank you for taking care of it.

Lizzie is amazing

People in this project have done a tremendous work clearing up the area and making the area more welcoming. Thank you!

It’s brilliant & very encouraging

Keep up the good work it’s great having a community like this.

You’re doing an amazing job

Great news that someone is caring!

Great work by the group

Please keep up the great work

I’m really proud to live in an area with neighbours who are so keen to improve the area. I’ve never lived anywhere that it felt like such a community

Looking forward to seeing the old fences removed.

You’re all so fab! I feel lucky to live in pockthorpe!

Keen on longevity…we’ll see.

The project is amazing, working to inprove the community, safety and mental health x

Absolutely brilliant, much needed, will have such far reaching benefits on so many levels

Amazing community sprit

So impressed by your energy and determination

Fantastic to see so many people taking pride in the local area. It’s a great community

You are doing an amazing inspiring job at bringing the comunity together to improve our parks. I am very grateful for all you have done.

Litter picking, art and community events both at the Hub and in the park ( I can facilitate community art projects)

Keep up the amazing work!!

Excellent ideas, hopefully the City Council will contribute

I think it’s wonderful. It’ll being the area back to life and give us all more of a sense of community.

Well done, keep going! x

Anything which improves the look and feel of the neighbourhood can’t be bad!


The absolute best!

The work being done already is fantastic, we should have regular skip months so people don’t fly tip

The improvement in the area due the litterpicking has been significant and appreciated

Very exciting!!!… desperate for more access to community and very keen to improve wildlife diversity and reinvigorate the area.

Very pleased to see it happening !

Good to hear about the projects

So excited by it. Have found it hard to get involved/ hear about activities to join in (except this one)

Wildlife, where are people going to park?

Comments sheet

The follow-up

We are going to create a mailing list. This will consolidate all the email addresses we have been given and be in touch with people about litter picking events etc.

Also, we will share our results, which are all public above with Norwich City Council in the hope to get a timeline and plan of action on getting started. I am a little unsure on how or if we need funding for removing the wire fences. Many of the local residents have kindly offered their time to help remove them. I am positive this will all become clear though very soon and we’ll have a timeline and plan from Norwich City Council. I am hoping we will work alongside Matt Davies at The Fringe Project who already has the resources we need to create the steps and Richard from the Council to remove the fences. 

The conclusion

In conclusion, the consultation day was a great success as we feel the wider community have now been correctly engaged as per general requirements from Norwich City Council.

On the day many new volunteers were engaged who came forward with some really great ideas and we feel this was a really positive outcome.

After our engagement with and outreach to the local community, we are ready to press on and make real improvements to the area. 

Finally, It is worth stating that from conversations throughout the day everyone agreed that the pristine areas of the park are invaluable and important habitats for our wildlife and any changes we make will be in keeping with the importance of wildlife conservation keeping our park and green spaces clean tidy and thriving for years to come.

Blog by written by Liz on behalf of Pockthorpe Community Group.

The view!

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